Monday, August 24, 2009

Yo Gamers, Wanna Feel Like a Man?? Get Chlamydia!!

Chlamydia Helps Young Men Feel More Manly:
“Young men who contract sexually transmitted diseases often view their afflictions as an affirmation of their manhood, a new Swedish study shows…With other male friends slapping on the shoulders and offering encouraging comments about 'success with the ladies,' young men who contract diseases such as chlamydia or genital warts can come to view their infection as a badge of honour, rather than a serious health problem.”


Jennifer said...

My heavens. Todd, have you read "The Marketing of Evil"? It's a must-read, and points out the unraveling of our culture and how, in the quest for ever-increasing sexual excitement, some people have gone to insane heights, including self-harm and, for one guy..getting AIDS.

Todd White said...

This looks like a very good book. And right up my alley! I'm surprised I never heard of it before. Thanks for telling me about it. I just added it to my Amazon Wish List :)