Thursday, August 27, 2009

Game Round-Up (8/27/09)

Kristor at VFR:

Men can therefore win the true prize of sexual love--namely, the sexual love of a good woman, which underneath all their posturing is what the gamers really want--by goodness, by virtue. Now, what is it to be good? It is to yearn for the Good, and to seek to participate therein, more and more. This has been well understood since long before Plato. If one's life is about the Good, then everything else will fall into place. There is no guarantee that a life in service of the Good will get you any particular goods, including those of sex; but there are never any guarantees in any case. If you want a guarantee, you've got the wrong universe. If one loves the Good, then everything else will fall into its proper order, and one will be given the best that one can get, that is also consonant with the Good. If one is oneself consonant with the Good, such goods as may then follow will suffice [...]

One must decide what one's life is about. One will lose it either way. True men, good men, have reckoned their own death, and pledged their life and its ending to the service of the Good. They do not therefore chafe under the inevitable difficulties and sacrifices of life--including long periods of celibacy, such as soldiers, hunters, and explorers must endure--but rather shoulder them manfully. They do not whine at adversity. They laugh. Thus are heroes made, however humble their predicaments, however meager their ultimate victories, and whether or not anyone recognizes them as such. These are the sort of men to whom the goodness in women, the true womanliness of women, is attracted. Women want heroes; everyone does [...]

At bottom, we all know perfectly well what is going on, for the only way to feel truly good is to be truly good.


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