Friday, August 28, 2009

Game Round-Up (8/28/09)

Gintas at VFR...

Game is just the Darwinian/Nietzschean (D/N) worldview applied to women. There is great interest in Game, because it promises a solution for a specific problem a lot of frustrated young men are having. These young men are having "dawning realizations" about women via Game, and since they're having them at the hands of D/N types like Roissy, we'll soon find that Game ends up being the gateway for many of them into a D/N Right. Note how TUJ quickly switched from talking about Game to HBD [Human Bio-diversity], he seems breathlessly excited about it, and how it will provide answers for so many things. He's not a Gamer, but he's excited about Game because he sees the prospect of Game bringing in lots of young men into the D/N Right.

Any Gamer can go over to and feel right at home, it's an easy transition. The meals over there are Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, and Twinkies. A starving young Gamer gobbles it all down. He doesn't want to eat at the table of Western Civilization (yet), that requires a more mature palate and wisdom about nutrition [...]

Mix in the anger at having been lied to and deceived about women, and I think they're especially susceptible to what Kuehnelt-Leddihn called "clear but false" ideologies.

Ferg at VFR...

I have also followed the game discussion with interest. It strikes me as amazing that young conservatives today think that by acting like fraternity boys of the fifties and early sixties they are going to save the West. Even those of us from that era who lived it did not believe that. In fact we knew we were behaving badly, we just did not care at that point. It is called being immature. As for the idea that bio-diversity can replace God in our lives all I can say is, nonsense.


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