Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

"I'm with Rand:"
Celebrities who love her.

From the LOL Files: "If you needed more evidence that the Darwin lobby wants to turn science education into little more than unquestioned propaganda, take a look at the outlandish new “study” evaluating state science standards...The article by Louise Mead and Anton Mates condemns various states for filling their science standards with “dangerous” words and 'creationist jargon.' Just what are these “dangerous” words that must be banned? 'Assess,' 'Analyze,' 'Evaluate,' and 'Critique.'”

From the ROFL Files: "Science Czar John Holdren is Unsure about Placing People Who Fund 'Climate Change Denial' on Trial for Crimes Against Humanity."

If Darwinism is True, Can a Darwinian Have a Desire to Remain Alive?: Lawrence Auster hosts a lively exchange on Darwinism. Check out Auster’s views on sexual selection, nihilism, and consciousness.

I've also updated the following articles...

U.S. Birth Rate is Falling

Will the Economic Crisis Inflame the Culture Wars or End Them?

The Best Evidence for God in One Paragraph


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