Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quote of the Day

Stop thinking of love, relationships, commitment and men as “goals.” Think of them as part of your overall development, and focus on developing yourself first...

When guys say all they look for are looks and sex, they’re wrong. Just dead wrong. They fall in love, and they fall hard. Most of the intelligent ones go deep, very deep...

Most men want to seem tough and macho to the world, but they crave someone whom they can be soft with, who will not reject them for having a maelstrom of emotions inside them, and who will stand by their side when things get tough.

Deep inside, whether or not we realize it, we are all just little boys and girls. We’re all trying to make sense of this messy life thing, putting on adult behaviors while the little kid is in us, wanting to really just have the freedom to play and laugh and love...We have this inner core of childishness which we must come to terms with. So love this inner child, and give yourself and the men in your life permission to play, to be ridiculous, to be free.

-Hope, How to Love Men.

**UPDATE, SEP. 10, 2009**

Hope got engaged! Congratulations!

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