Monday, August 31, 2009

Game Round-Up (8/31/09)

Last week, Oz Conservative expressed deep concern about "Game," but refused to condemn it.

One of his commenters, Grim, wrote...

"I am still learning to use game effectively. And yes it's annoying having to cater towards women instead developing myself into something I want to be."

Ah yes, that is quite annoying!

Jonathan Wolfe wrote...

I find these people pinning their hopes on a dating theory to save the West to be a rather funny lot...You prefer your boys with a dating technique over knowledge of the blue-prints of the civilization you think they ought to save? You might as well send a dog after a car. Once the dog catches it, it wouldn't know what the f--- to do with it...You wouldn't even be able to tell your boy why he has rights or human dignity with "Game". If anything, you've just taught him to see human beings as just another commodity.

I also wrote the following comment...

I think Anonymous wrote something very intriguing. He said, "What studying 'game' taught me was NOT an artificial set of cheat-codes to unethically trick females, but how to be more 'Male,' and in that I mean to focus just on being confident with myself, and as a consequence having a full life, in short, it was successful for me."

Anonymous is describing the main motivation for "Game: feeling more "Male." "Feeling more male" is an understandable desire to be sure. But it's an illusion to think that Game (which rests on a philosophy - Reductionism - which states that men and women are animals and that the best way to have a relationship with a woman is to treat her like an animal) is the best way to feel "male."

For example, most of us here would probably agree that "connecting with God" is a "good thing," but if a Wahabi Muslim terrorist came here and justified his faith by saying it makes him "feel connected with God," we'd say that's sweet but there's better ways of expressing your faith (like giving alms to the poor, instead of blowing up innocent civilians).

No, I'm not comparing Gamers to terrorists; I'm just saying the comment "Game makes me feel more male" - even if true - is not an argument ender.

Bottom line: There are better alternatives to Game.


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