Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Useful Idiots:" The Link between Game and V.I. Lenin

Since I already have one post mentioning V.I. Lenin today, why not another??

As I continue to debate Gamers online, I constantly hear that I've allowed Roissyism to infect my opinion of "Game" and bias me against it. To paraphrase: "Roissyism takes Game a little too far. If you can remove Roissyism from the equation, Game is a wonderful tool that can help you with women."

In fact, I see things quite differently. It seems to me that Roissyism is the logical consequence of "Game," in the same way that communism was the logical consequence of liberalism. Throughout the Bolshevik Era, liberals said that Stalinism was irrelevant to the merits of their cause; that the cause of "social justice" or "workers' rights" or "public ownership of property" could never lead to murderous tyranny. But of course it did! And that was easy to predict because the philosophical tenets of socialism (the state is the owner of your life) were defenseless once gangsters like Lenin and Stalin arrived on the scene.

Once you accept the reductionist tenets of Game, Roissyism is the logical conclusion. Once you accept that evolutionary psychology and biology are the only ways to meet women and have women fill your physical needs, its only a hop, skip, and a jump to the proud nihilism and boastful hedonism of Roissy.

Is it possible that Roissy might be the only Gamer who truly understands Game?

Also, Lenin had a cute phrase for liberals who praised Communism in practice (while remaining dutiful liberals). He called them "useful idiots."


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