Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Which One of These Articles is NOT a Parody?

How Game Secured American Independence

How Thomas Jefferson Used Game to Write the Declaration of Independence

How Einstein Used Game to Create the Theory of Relativity

How Joan of Arc Used
"Girl Game" to Defeat the British at Patay

The answer can be found at Ferdinand Bardamu's website.

H/T: Lawrence Auster


Justin said...

Why bother? That section of the web has become an echo chamber for pure ignorant assholery.

Todd White said...

I agree. I usually don't care about the Game debate anymore, but Auster linked to it, and eventually I got stuck in the hornet's nest again.

I'm pretty sure Auster thought The Spearhead piece was a parody, but - according to Ferdinand - it's a real "thesis" that shouldn't be "dismissed" as only "amusing."

Hence, a new round of battles.