Friday, October 16, 2009

"Is That All, Doctor?"

On Wednesday, at his Cosmic Log website, Alan Boyle conduced a softball interview with the pro-Darwin biologist (and forceful advocate for atheism) Richard Dawkins. The interview includes this delightful gem...

Richard Dawkins is turning down the atheist rhetoric as he promotes The Greatest Show on Earth, his new book about the evidence for evolution...Dawkins traces the investigation step by step...Some mysteries are still unsolved, however. Dawkins cited four of his favorites last week during a talk at the University of Washington:

  • The origin of life: It might surprise some of Dawkins' critics to hear that he offers no explanation for what kick-started life in the first place. "That is a complete mystery," he said. Scientists have plenty of suspects to check out, however.

  • The origin of sex: Dawkins said scientists are also puzzling over "what sex is all about" - in evolutionary theory, that is. After all, sexual reproduction isn't strictly necessary for the evolutionary process to do its thing. Some researchers surmise that sex arose to help weed out harmful mutations or provide more options for propagation.

  • The origin of consciousness: Where does subjective consciousness come from? Dawkins sees this as the "biggest puzzle" facing biology. Scientists have their ideas, and one of the latest ideas is that consciousness serves as the Wi-Fi network for an assortment of "computers" inside your brain.

  • The rise of morality: What drives us to do good, even for people we don't even know? The expectation of reciprocity provides a partial explanation, but "it doesn't account for the extremely high degree of moral behavior that humans show," Dawkins said. He surmises that altruism might have arisen as a "mistaken misfiring" of neural circuits involved in calculating the mutual give and take among kin.

Umm, those are some pretty BIG mysteries, wouldn't ya say??!!

A few weeks ago, when I wrote that Darwinists are clueless when it comes to how life began life on Earth and how consciousness emerged in humans (see articles here and here), I was criticized for my naive thinking. But "Darwin's pit bull" himself, Richard Dawkins, admits that those things are "mysteries!"

I have to say, researching Darwinism is like peeling an onion...layer after layer...until finally... this happens.

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