Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another Positive Book Review (Thanks, Liz!)

There's a new review of The Mustard Seed at

From Liz Hartpence...

In a word: "Wow!" Todd White - whoever he is - has really put together an amazing book that should be The Catcher of the Rye for my generation (I'm 24). My friend recommended it to me...Anyway, the book was really well-written. By the third chapter, I had already laughed and cried. Seriously. The plot and characters are great. I especially enjoyed the character of Heather Manning. I could really relate to her. She's a strong, independent woman. Sort of like Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged. But unlike Dagny, Heather also has emotional and spiritual depth, which I like. The Mustard Seed is definitely a wonderful read. I can only hope there's a sequel!

At the risk of sounding gushy, it's hard for me to describe how happy I get when reading such positive reviews. In fact, I won't even try. Let me just say: Thank you, Liz.


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