Friday, October 2, 2009

Quote of the Day

Q: What should a real man’s approach to sex be if not what guys like Roissy say?

A: Whole books could be written detailing the shortcomings in the Roissy In DC approach to sex, dating and gender relations, so I’ll just choose a particularly glaring flaw in his worldview — one that casts the anonymous man who writes the blog as a tragic figure. One aspect of Roissy’s worldview is his disdain for women — they are for him shallow, contemptible creatures that men are justified into manipulating into sex. It is difficult to think of a misogynist as sociopathic in the blogosphere.

Even so, Roissy judges the worth of men according to how many women they can attract. For example, he glorifies the alpha male constantly, and defines that category thusly: “The alpha male is defined by the hotness of the women he can attract, the strength of their attraction for him, and the number of them who find him attractive.”

I’d say that a real man should avoid a) relying on the approval of others for his self-worth, b) making something he disdains the object of his desire, and c) a romantic life wherein he never gets to experience the best kind of sex — the kind where your partner is someone you love, lust and respect. That isn’t to say that all three are necessary for enjoyable sex, but a man who knows what’s good for him aspires to that trinity, and if he finds it, he is lucky indeed. - Conor Friedersdorf

Note: The picture above is of "Fung," Douchebag Extraordinaire.


Jennifer said...

YOU are the man, the critic of Game, I've been looking for and praying for. Justin has some purely awesome, prayed-for words too. (Still concerned about the Jesus-game post, so the jury's out on him as a whole).

Todd White said...

Thanks a lot, Jennifer. It's funny, there's so much discussion about Game on the Internet - but about 90% of it (heck, maybe more) is generated by men (and that should tell you something!), so getting a woman's perspective is so incredibly valuable.

I don't recall Justin's post about Jesus, by the way. Do you mind sending it to me? Fwiw, I've always found Justin to be an intelligent, level-headed guy but I'd be glad to read his article and offer some feedback if you can send it to me. Thanks.

Jennifer said...

Thank you! A woman's feedback, as you can imagine, is not appreciated by the ruder gamers themselves; it's all "well, 99% of women don't get it anyway" and we're just in denial, etc.

Thanks for asking, the Jesus post I mentioned is here:

Further down in the comments, you offer a link to another discussion in which you said Justin is joking. He seems mostly very cool to me too, so I didn't know what to make of his words about Christ. The part about being a man was serious, I'm sure; the part about Jesus beginning game? That seemed satirical.

Todd White said...

Jennifer - Oh yes, he was definitely joking. I'm 100% sure of that :)

Jennifer said...

Thank God! Thank you :) Whew.