Thursday, November 5, 2009

How My Views on Evolution Evolved

As part of my research on the "Richard Sternberg incident" for my discussion on the "Common Sense Atheist" website, I came across this 12-page document from Mr. Sternberg himself explaining How My Views on Evolution Evolved.

The article is honest, erudite, and worth reading in full. But I've summarized the thrust of the piece below...

I began my university education in the early 1980s as a committed Darwinian…By the age of 20, I was an intellectually fulfilled atheist…I had only a cursory knowledge of Intelligent Design prior to 2004...

Now the question that has constantly been posed of me since August 2004 goes something like this: "Where do you really stand on the Intelligent Design issue?"…My position asserts that the cosmos is fundamentally intelligible in such a way that it can be logically, mathematically, and scientifically recognized to be such; and moreover…that the universe emanates from Nous (Mind). So in this sense, my thinking is compatible with intelligent design broadly defined.

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