Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Daily Wrap-Up

*The picture above is from the Dec. 2009 issue of Reason magazine. She’s back, alright.

* has launched “Radicals for Capitalism,” a new series of videos celebrating Ayn Rand’s continuing influence.

*Trailers for Bioshock 2 are out

*Concert for Darwin to mark 150th anniversary of Origin of Species: "Vancouver-based rap lit artist Baba Brinkman will perform. His 'Rap Guide to Evolution' won the coveted Scotsman Fringe First Award in Edinburgh, Scotland’s Fringe Festival." Can’t wait!

*A useful website: Survey of Failed Evolutionary Predictions

*Also, pro-Game blogger Ferdinand Bardamu jumps the shark (again) at The Spearhead. One guy tells Ferdinand: “I don’t think there is anything wrong with illogical ranting on blogs. It can be entertaining, that’s for sure. But when you rant illogically, and present it as sound sociopolitical analysis, you’re no better than the gynocracy getting their estrogen on in freshman women’s studies class.” Ouch. I also take a few digs.

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