Monday, November 23, 2009

"But Is It Science?:" Thanksgiving Edition

For the political elites who know very little science (George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and John Debryshire come to mind), they like to shrug off the I.D./Darwin debate by asking I.D. supporters (who aren’t there to defend themselves): “But is it Science?”

I guess they ask that question because they think I.D. supporters will reluctantly admit that the answer is “No,” and thus, they can end the debate in 5 seconds flat.

Apparently, the question, “But is it science?” has some unknown magical power.

Over Thanksgiving, I’m going to test this theory for myself. When I’m sitting at the kitchen table, and my mom asks me to pass the turkey, I’m going to look at her scornfully and ask, “But is it science?” That oughta shut her up! ;)

But seriously…When I read articles like the one below, I really do have to ask, “But is it science?”

Harvard Says Kidney Stones, Malaria Are Climate Risks

Kidney stones, malaria, Lyme disease, depression and respiratory illness all may increase with global warming, researchers at Harvard Medical School said.

Oh brother! Have we learned nothing from the last few days??

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John Landon said...

Sometimes the demand for science produces oversimplification, as with the question of Darwinism