Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily Wrap-Up

US House Approves $155 Billion Stimulus Bill: It’ll never stop. Not until it ends.

Boom Times for Big Government:
Pat Buchanan asks, "Is this the government the Founding Fathers dreamed of — or is this the kind of government they took up arms against?"

Ex-Gov. Emerges as Next Ron Paul:Former New Mexico Republican Gov. Gary Johnson is a teetotaling triathlete who looks the part of the laid-back Mountain West politician. But don’t let the jeans and black mock turtleneck he's sporting on his new website fool you: Johnson is starting to sound like a mad-as-hell populist with an eye cast on 2012 and the building fury aimed at Washington."

Church at the Crossroads: Luke "The Common Sense Atheist" has started a series on Christian pastor Jack Good and his book, The Dishonest Church. Jack writes: "Most church schools teach concepts of God that are, at best, appropriate for children...A silent pact often exists between the pastor and the congregation… in which certain difficult issues are to be left unmentioned." Luke pleads for church professionals to "tell your members the truth about the Bible, the Historical Jesus, and the mysteries about the nature of God." Part One is here. And Part Two is here.

I've also updated 2 essays...

The Cannibals of the Scientific Revolution

Groping Toward a New Spirituality

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