Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daily Wrap-Up

"Common Sense Atheist" Smacks Christian Apologist William Lane Craig:
“Basically, Craig defends his faith against the evidence the same way my mom does – 'I know because I know that I know that I know.' And that’s it. 'I know in my heart that Christianity is true, and I know my heart is right because my heart tells me it is right.' That’s, like, the dumbest thing ever. It’s intellectual suicide. It is extreme gullibility and credulity. It is also reveals profoundly arrogant double standard to assert that my heart provides irrefutable proof of metaphysical truths, while the hearts of everyone who disagrees with me deceives them."

Should Evolutionary Psychology Be Required for Med School Training? "Nesse’s paper cites examples of where evolutionary knowledge can benefit those working in medicine. An awareness of why humans have evolved the fever response, for example, could help doctors understand when it is safe to use drugs to block fever. Rubbish. Pharmaceutical studies on living patients in real time do that."

Anti-Climate Change, Anti-Human: "There is no nihilism like the nihilism of a 9-year-old. 'Why should I bother,' one of them recently demanded of me, when he was presented with the usual arguments in favor of doing homework: 'By the time I'm grown up, the polar ice caps will have melted and everyone will have drowned.' Watching the news from Copenhagen last weekend, it wasn't hard to understand where he got that idea."

I've also updated my essay,
Ross Douthat Jumps the Shark (Again).

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