Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

Game is the Red Pill:
A clip from my comment: "
If you ground a relationship on the Game/Red Pill philosophy, I don't think it can work in the long-run...A better approach is to recognize the truth that men SHOULD be confident, courageous, etc (which has been around a lot longer than Game), but without all this 'feeble seed' mumbo jumbo which negates the possibility of sincere love between 2 people - regardless of their status in society."

Oh, that reminds me: I've taken down all of the pro-Game sites on my Blog List (with the exception of In Mala Fide). I'm basically done with this issue. A person can only wallow in the darkness for so long; at first, it's mildly intriguing; you're curious and you want to explore. But after a while, it starts to wear you down emotionally. Then you shrug your shoulders and declare: "OK, let's move on."

Dr. Michael Egnor on the Dawkins-Armstrong Debate: "The debate with New Atheism is a debate about the rationality of belief in God, and the basis for that rational belief is built on several millennia of profound philosophical insight. The effective theist answer to New Atheist casuistry is not to point out that we feel awe and a sense of mystery and that the object of that awe must be God; the theist answer to New Atheists is that God’s existence is logically demonstrable, and that His existence is the indispensable basis for reason, science, and morality."

How NOT to Argue for God's existence: Jim Manzi begs the Darwinists to allow him to have a slim, tiny hope that God somewhere, somehow exists.

Darwin Too Controversial for Hollywood? "What good is Hollywood's liberal bias if film distributors won't carry a film about Charles Darwin?" Wait, I'm confused. Liberals see Charles Darwin as an ally? Who's gonna tell the Darwinian Conservatives!

An animal only Darwin could love: Snake With Foot Found in China. I wonder if he's related to this guy?

A mystery to chew on: Life Existed in the Oceans 200 Million Years Before Oxygen Appeared on Earth.

Another mystery: Israeli Scientists Discover "Center of Consciousness" in Brain.

Neurolaw on the Stand: A fine introduction to an emerging controversy.

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