Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up Censors Intelligent Design Debate: Klinghoffer: "Something evidently happened behind the scenes at Bloggingheads...There's no question that simply as an interview, a piece of casual, conversational journalism, the McWhorter exchange is exemplary. It's fascinating. He admires the book, undoubtedly, even becoming passionate about it at points, but also poses challenging questions. There's nothing to apologize for here. Yet clearly he was pressured into taking it down. By whom?" Update: The Debate is back online! Update, Part 2: Yep, it's back, but not before Bloggingheads apologizes for having it! Update, Part 3: Predictably, 2 pro-Darwin Blogginghead contributors resign out of protest. Gotta love those pro-reason, pro-free inquiry Darwinists!

The Narcissism of Darwinism: Cornelius Hunter: "The National Museum of Natural History has an upcoming exhibit on evolution which will focus on 'the significant role that Darwin’s theories have played in explaining and unifying all the biological sciences.' That won't be much of an exhibit. The only area of thought in which evolutionary studies has a significant role is evolutionary studies. One could fit into a thimble the important scientific advances made possible by evolution. Evolution is the study of itself--it is, if anything, narcissistic."

The American Spectator Reviews Signature in the Cell: "When I learned that Dr. Stephen Meyer had written a new book on the evidence of design displayed in living cells, I expected to be impressed by it. I wasn’t prepared to have my mind blown—which is what happened."

Darwin's Dilemma:
A new anti-Darwin DVD is coming out.

Are Rumors of God's Return Greatly Exaggerated?: "Take the God is Back duo's deployment of studies purporting to show that 'Christians are healthier and happier than their secular brethren,' citing a Pittsburgh doctor's belief that going to church added three years to someone's life and a 1997 study that religiosity reduces blood pressure. To which I can riposte with all those other studies showing even better health outcomes for owning a pet. Which may appear churlish of me."

I've also updated the following essays...

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I've also added The New Clarion and Darwin's God to my Blog List.


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