Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

And now time for our Weekly Wrap-Up...

Paul Johnson on the "Ayatollah of Atheism:" "It is inevitable that Darwinism, at least in its fundamentalist form, will come crashing down. The only question is: when?...I detect a groundswell of discontent at this intellectual totalitarianism, so unscientific by its very nature. It is wrong that any debate, especially one on so momentous a subject... should be arbitrarily declared... Such a position is not tenable, and the evidence that it is crumbling is growing."

A New Play About the I.D. Debate: "After being pressed by a student, Biology Professor Henry Darden admits that he finds Darwin's emphasis on natural selection as the means of evolution 'unconvincing.' This public confession thrusts Professor Darden into a culture war he wanted nothing to do with...The Third Side examines the difficulty in pursuing truth when individuals have their very identities invested in the conclusions. It is a painful lesson to Professor Darden as he realizes that simply being "right" may not be as important as he always thought."

The Dark Darwinian History of Eugenics: "On this episode of ID the Future, John West takes a look at the eugenics movement of the early twentieth century and how it drew direct inspiration from Darwinian biology and the writings of Charles Darwin himself. The eugenics movement was no fringe effort, but was the view of mainstream science and espoused by those at Harvard, Princeton, and the National Academy of Science."

A Cool Picture of the E. Coli Bacterial Flagella Rotary Motor: If you don't know why the flagella is cool, that's exactly why you should click on the link! Heck, you can even get the flagella on a T-shirt!

Feisty Debate between a Biology Student and His Professor: "He accused me of misleading the students: 'You should be ashamed of yourself…What you’re doing is criminal!'"

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