Friday, May 8, 2009

Funny Quote of the Day

Nicholas Humphrey, "School Professor at the London School of Economics", on why consciousness must be an illusion:

"Our starting assumption as scientists ought to be that on some level consciousness has to be an illusion. The reason is obvious: If nothing in the physical world can have the features that consciousness seems to have, then consciousness cannot exist as a thing in the physical world."

Gee, I thought our "starting assumption as scientists" ought to be "following the facts wherever they lead." Oh well. But in a strange way, Dr. Humphrey's statement is quite enlightening: it clearly demonstrates the slippery slope of materialist logic. For decades, the materialists have insisted that God is an illusion. Now they are declaring that the mind itself is an illusion. Sounds ridiculous, right? But yet that is the logical consequence of materialist philosophy - from the negation of God to the negation of oneself.

And you wonder why the "atheist bubble" is about to pop...


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