Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

Since I'm leaving town for a brief vacation (and will have limited computer access for the next few days), I'm publishing this week's Wrap-Up a day early...

"I, Pencil:"
In Chapter 9 of The Mustard Seed, Heather Manning whips out a pencil to show how "the ethic of rational self-interest can unleash powerful, creative energies." The scene is inspired by Leonard Read's 1958 essay, I, Pencil, which was published in The Freeman. The whole essay can be found here.

The Secret of Self-Control:
An important study on the power of awareness. We need more studies like this one which emphasize the power of the mind (instead of denying its existence).

Benjamin Disraeli, the British Jew who became Prime Minister in the 19th century, once stated that "Christianity is Judaism for the masses."
Why? Jude Wanniski explains.

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